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*** Notice: I no longer conduct research of our family so don't bother expecting it for you personally. ***
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You are welcome to use this information or not.

It has taken 28 years of work placed into the research and documentation of our ancestors. I hope you will benefit from the information I present here. My web site originally started to map out the ancestry of my close relatives; needless to say it has grown to much more than this. A cartoon noted; "Those who research genealogy do it at first out of curiosity, and then it becomes a hobby, which turns into an obsession, eventually becoming a sickness." Do you recognize yourself?

The Croteau surname evolved into several different spellings such as Crotteau / Crotto / Croto or derivatives thereof. If you are aware of any information that is not correct, or should be modified, I would appreciate you contacting me about it in a nice message. Nasty messages will simply be deleted. I have no time for psychotic people whose relatives came from Pluto. Yes, I know that France did not support the USA in various wars but that doesn't negate where your lineage is from.

If information is open to the public on deceased individuals, I will display it here. The SSDI is a free, open web site that anyone can type in a name and search for deceased relatives. Do not ask for the SSDI to be removed, it will stay put. That one source of genealogy is very important. Sorry it happened, but that's life. If you have a good reason why you do not want your family name displayed, please let me know nicely. Yes, I have made some folks 'private' for very specific reasons so I'm not all that much of an ogre.

You may find information quoting census reports for example that is not spot on correct. We know, but that piece of information with the misspelled name is what is recorded so others may find the exact same record on your own. It is not up to me to change what an official document says.

icon Asking me about your uncle Joseph and Mary Croteau from the USA is like telling me the sky is falling... I have hundreds of people with that combination of names. Be very specific please - Joseph Antoine Croteau b: 01Apr1818 / d: 20Aug1890 /m: 13Sep to Mary Soulier b: 20Jun1820 d: 25Dec1900 gives me something to work with to help you... at the very least tell me what I have here so I can find the records.

On a final note CIRCA means 'approximate' or 'about' it means the date is not exact. Why use CIRCA? If you have several people with the same name born 100 years apart, it is good way to distinguish between the two in a database search. Please do not be myopic - the family tree is large and we all need your help to ensure it is kept up to date.

Crotteau Road at the Libby, Lincoln County, Montana, USA Cemetery

Crotteau Road Sign - Libby Montana Cemetery

You will find a lot of our family members buried here. I managed to drive through the village of Libby on my way to B.C. in 2006 however due to time restraints and other riders with me I was unable to take a day and walk the cemetery.

1897 Edmond Phillips Steam Mill and Box Factory

USA FlagEver wonder what your grandparents put up with at the turn of the century... watch this video!

Croteau Creek The Croteau Creek project will improve access to significant fish and wildlife resources by providing passage across Croteau Creek to 220 kilometers of forest road and associated fishing and hunting opportunities. The Croteau Creek on the Forks River Road near Timmins, Ont. is classified as a cool water fishery with species such as northern pike, walleye and minnows being present. The stream is used as a migratory route for fish to undertake different portions of their life cycle. On the upstream side of the crossing lies approximately 15 kilometers of stream. Croteau Creek drains directly into Nighthawk Lake, located approximately 5 kilometers from the crossing location.

QC FlagThe Lavigueur Side of the Family

Attention all Laviqueur family - we really need to get your line of the family in this database.

Lavigueur Family 1917 Picnic

Left to Right: Flavie Major, Philieas Lavigueur, Celina DeGuire & Philieas Jr., Arthur Lavigueur,
Alice Lavigueur, Odilius Lavigueur
Taken circa 1918 near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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