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Some graphics are Copyright © of Paul Croteau the author and webmaster of this site. Please take the time to conduct your own investigations.  There are many instances I have found the same adult names, using the same children's names, only differing dates of birth in two difference cities.  Similar to current times, families used popular names when their children were born.  I have tried my best to confirm everything in this data base, alas, there are some instances whereupon I had to rely on others.  I may (unknowingly) be perpetuating a wrong line in the family tree!

If you are aware of any information that is not correct, or should be modified, I would appreciate you contacting me about it in a nice message.  Nasty messages will simply be deleted.  A lot of  information is open to the public through various sources and I will display it here. 

The American Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is one example of information that some folks feel is very private.  Unfortunately, this is one source that is relatively easy to access on the net.  If you have a good reason why you don't want your family name displayed, please let me know nicely and I can make it private for you.  Identity theft is a big issue in our time, but it has been an issue for a long time before now.

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