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I have listed a few of the more prominent Croteau relatives who have made a mark in the world in their particular manner.  If you know of any Croteau family members that you would like featured here, please let me know.  I'm sure there are many more family members we are all proud of.

Photographer/Journalist Paul Chivers ;

Paul ChiversOne of our relatives has become a famous photographer!  Paul has made his living with a camera for almost 30 years. Until late 2008 he was chief photographer at the North Bay Nugget. He started his career in 1981 hand-bombing black & white film shot in mechanical, manual focus, thumb-wound cameras and led the newspaper's progression through various color processes (E-6, C-41) and increasing degrees of automation culminating in the digital era.

He started working with digital images in 1994 using Photoshop 3.5 and flatbed-scanned color enlargements. He wore out two Kodak RFS Film scanners over the following years until full digital capture took over in 2002.

Paul has taught photography at Canadore College since 1984, and has delivered Basic Photography, Black & White Darkroom, Nature Photography workshops and tours, and in recent years has developed a basic Digital Imaging course built around Adobe Photoshop. This in turn has progressed into a series of advanced digital imaging workshops and private tutoring. His photojournalism work has been published in most major newspapers throughout Canada and many in the United States. His nature photography has been used by conservation groups and published in numerous magazines, books, and other publications. Freelance work has led to publication in many trade magazines, brochures, posters, and other promotional materials. Paul has received many awards for both photojournalism and nature photography.  He is featured at the King's Framing & Art Gallery at 188 Voyer Rd, Corbeil ON.

He has several prints for sale that you can view here.

Pierre Crotteau Soldier;

One of our relatives (Jodi Croteau) visited the WW I memorial cemetery Vimy Ridge, France -  and took some pictures.  She captured the name of Peter Crotteau.

I found a reference to this entry on the memorial, from the Canadian Veterans Affairs & Pre-embarkation Memorial Book
Peter Crotteau WW I MemorialPte CROTTEAU PETER
Date of Death: 15 Sep 1916
Service Number: 440944 - Company: 73
Burial: "VIMY MEMORIAL, France. Grave.

This memorial is dedicated to Pierre Croteau (aka: Peter Crotteau), born 20 Sep 1889, Warwick, QC, Canada to Joseph Francois Xavier Croteau b: 10 Aug 1852 and Philomene Gosselin b: 8 Sep 1852.  He signed his WW I attestation documents on the 29 Nov 1915 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  He was assigned to "B" Company when first recruited Unit: Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment) Division: 28th Battalion.  He indicated he lived in St. Peter, MAN, CAN when asked his present address.

18 April 1891 Census: Canada, Quebec, Arthabaska, Warwick.
Name: Pierre Croteau Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Age: 1 1/2 Birth Year: abt 1889 Birthplace: Quebec Relation to Head of House: Fils (Son) Religion: Roman Catholic French Canadian: Yes Father's Birth Place: Quebec Mother's Birth Place: Quebec Province: Quebec District Number: 152 District: Drummond and Arthabaska Subdistrict: Warwick Archive Roll #: T-6394

31 March 1901 Census: Canada, Manitoba, Provencher, DeSalaberry.
Name: Pierre Croteau Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Age: 11 Birth Date: 20 Sep 1890 Birthplace: Qc Relation to Head of House: Fils (Son) Father's Name: Xavier Mother's Name: Phlomine Racial or Tribal Origin: Française (French) Nationality: Canadian Religion: Roman Catholic Province: Manitoba District: Provencher District Number: 10 Sub-District: De Salaberry Sub-District Number: A-2 Family Number: 62 Page: 8

1906 Census: Canada, Manitoba, Provencher District.
Name: Pierre Croteau Gender: Male Age: 16 Birthplace: Quebec Family Number: 261 Relation to Head of House: Fils (Son) Father's Name: Havier Mother's Name: Philomène Province: Manitoba Sub-District Description: Townships 4, 5, 6 in Range 4 East Sub-District: 9 Page: 40

Relationship: 5th Cousin 3 times removed

He is Jodi Croteau's 2nd cousin, 3 times removed.  Jodi and I are 8th cousins.  It's an amazingly small world... !  Thank you Jodi for sharing the picture with the rest of the family.

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Canadian Great War Project: http://www.canadiangreatwarproject.com/index.asp
Soldiers of the WW I: http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-100.01-e.php

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Premier Rene LEVESQUE Family;

Past Quebec Premier Rene LevesquePremier of Quebec, Rene LEVESQUE (b: 1922 d: 1987) appears in my family line.  We are 8th cousins through the common ancestor of Andre BERGERON (b: 1643 d: 1712) whom married on the 9 Jul 1673, Marguerite DEMERS (b: 1659 d: 1725). Mr. Rene LEVESQUE was born August 24, 1922. He was a broadcast journalist who entered politics in 1960 as a member of Quebec's Liberal Party. In 1967,  he helped found the Sovereignty Movement which later became the Parti Quebecois (PQ) in 1968. He was elected Premier of Quebec in 1976, and resigned in 1985. He died November 1, 1987.

Relationship: 8th Cousin



Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau (1919-2000);

Prime Minister TrudeauFormer Prime Minister
Pierre Elliot Trudeau held the position of the 15th Prime Minister of Canada longer than anyone since William Lion Mackenzie King in 1948. Trudeau's style and attitude as Prime Minister was all his own.  Our common ancestor is Marie Angelique Faye (4 Jan 1682 - 2 Sep 1731) married to Pierre Roy (17 Jun 1679 - 26 Apr 1743).  There is a lot of information already on the net concerning Pierre Trudeau so I'll not repeat what you can find through Google.

Relationship: 6th Cousin 2 times removed


The Olivia & Elzire DIONNE Quintuplets;

The Dionne Quintuplets Emilie, Yvonne, Annette, Cecile & Marie DIONNE all were born: 28 May 1934 in Corbeil, Ontario, Canada.  The common ancestor is Charles Antoine BOISVERT (b: 1800) whom married Aurelie Henriette RITCHMAN (b: 1809 d: 1870).  Multiple births were very uncommon in the early days and giving birth to 5 children at the same time was rather unique.  These young ladies were exploited and put on show by the Province of Ontario and their family doctor when they were born.  I believe 2 are still living in Montreal Quebec at this time. The City of North Bay has an excellent web site on the Dionne Family and of course it is non profit!  They have some decent newsprint and photographs from the museum.

Relationship: 3rd Cousin one time removed

Olivia & Elzire Dionne Quintuplets Family 1934
This is a photograph of the entire Dionne Family

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Is there a doctor in the house? - Two Brothers;

Jean Baptist Leon Croteau born 06 June 1887 in Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, died 5 Feb 1970 in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.  A veteran of WW I in 1917 went on to become a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a civil engineer before becoming a lawyer.  Not happy with one degree he went on to become a graduate of the University of Maine and North-Eastern University.  He graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in graphology, the analyzing of handwriting.  He and his wife, Hilma C Stedt b: 1892 are buried in the Worcester County Memorial Park, Paxton, Worcester, MA, USA.

Relationship: 7th Cousin once removed

John Tougas Croteau (Doctorate) born 10 March 1910 in Holbrook, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA, also lived in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, died 19 July 2007 at South Bend, Indiana, USA.  He was educated in Worchester, MA, earning his AB (1931) at Holy Cross College and his master's (1932) and doctorate (1935) in economics from Clark University. Respected by colleagues and students alike, he was awarded honorary doctorates for his distinguished service in the credit union and cooperative movements by St. Joseph's University (1956), the University of Prince Edward Island (1976), and the University of Moncton (1976), all located in Canada.

He began his career in 1933 as Carnegie Chair of Economics and Sociology at Prince Wales College and St. Dunstan's College, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI). During the next 12 years he also served as director of adult education programs, manager of the credit union league as well as the PEI Cooperative Union, and executive secretary of the Adult Education League. For his tireless labour on behalf of working families, he became known in Canada as "The Apostle of the Cooperative Movement.

In 1938 the Prince Edward Island Credit Union League was formed. Dr. John T. Croteau was the first managing director and its mandate was to arrange promotional and educational meetings, distribute supplies and advise the offices. Dr. Croteau explained to the groups that a Credit Union was a co-operative credit society - a "baby bank" organized among a group of people and empowered by law to receive deposits and to make loans to the members of this group. Bank credit was scarce in the 1930's and so the idea of setting up community banks to make credit available to hard pressed farmers struck a popular note.  In 1942, the League joined CUNA, Credit Union National Association, an organization based in Wisconsin and formed in 1934 to spread the Credit Union idea. John went, like his brother, continued with his education and in 1970 obtained his doctorate at Notre Dam University, South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana, USA.

Relationship: 7th Cousin once removed

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Arsene F.X. Croteau - Centenarian & Fairfield University Professor, Connecticut USA

Arsene Francois Xavier Croteau born 4 July 1891 in Saint Nicholas de Levis, Quebec, Canada.  He and his wife Augustine Gelinas moved to the USA about 1892, first to Mansfield City, Connecticut, USA where he started as a college teacher according to the 1930 US Census.  Information from the death certificate reports he was a retired professor from Fairfield University, Connecticut, USA when he died at age 100 on 2 Sep 1990. Fairfield University is first and foremost a Catholic and Jesuit University.

Distinguished Faculty or Administrator Award
Given to a member of the faculty or administration for exemplary service in the education of Fairfield University students.  Mr. Arsene Croteau received this award in 1975 .

New Article 2001: Laura A. Donohue of Dommerston, Vermont USA, a member of Fairfield University's Class of 2004, was recently awarded the Arsene Croteau Family Scholarship to study French. The scholarship was established to honour Professor Arsene Croteau who taught French at Fairfield for many years and is given each year to an outstanding student in French.

Relationship: 6th Cousin twice removed

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Professor Dr. James M Croteau, Western Michigan University, USA

Professor James M CroteauProfessor Dr. James M Croteau born in Tennessee, USA is the grandson to Arsene Francois Xavier Croteau.  He is a Professor in the Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University. He received his doctoral and masters' degrees in Counseling Psychology from Southern Illinois University. Jim is a fellow of Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) and Division 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Issues) of the American Psychological Association (APA).

His practice, scholarship and professional training specialties include lesbian, gay and bisexual issues and issues of race and racism in White Americans. His main areas of teaching include basic counseling skills, developmental theory, vocational psychology, and lesbian, gay and bisexual concerns. He has organized or edited two special journal issues and published more than 40 journal articles and book chapters. Jim has served on editorial boards for the Journal of Counseling and Development, the Journal of Vocational Behavior, and The Counseling Psychologist. In 2003, he received the Outstanding Achievement Award from APA's Committee on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Concerns. He was lead editor and author of multiple chapters in the 2005 book entitled Deconstructing Heterosexism in the Counseling Professions: A Narrative Approach.



James Croteau
Dr. James Croteau, professor of counselor education and counseling psychology, died suddenly after falling ill while cycling Sept. 18 in Kalamazoo. He was 59.

Croteau, a member of the WMU faculty since 1990, was nationally known for his research, training, clinical work and publications that focused on such issues as lesbian, gay and bisexual issues in the workplace and on college campuses as well as racism awareness and racial healing.

In addition to being a faculty member, Croteau was a practicing counselor. He also was a fellow of the American Psychological Association's Society of Counseling Psychology, as well as a fellow of the APA's Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Issues.

The author of dozens of book chapters and journal articles, Croteau served on editorial boards for the Journal of Counseling and Development, the Journal of Vocational Behavior, and The Counseling Psychologist.

A ranking published in 2010 by The Counseling Psychologist named Croteau as the nation's most productive scholar in counseling psychology in the area of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies. The ranking was based on his publication in eight national refereed journals as well as the impact of his work as reflected by the number of citations of that work by other scholars.

Active in a variety of campus initiatives at WMU, Croteau was part of the campuswide group of faculty and staff that piloted the Everyone Counts program promoting diversity and inclusion.

Croteau earned his bachelor's degree from Loyola University, New Orleans, and both his master's and doctoral degrees from Southern Illinois University. Before coming to WMU, he worked for six years as a counselor at Ithaca College.

Relationship: 7th Cousin once removed

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Dawson Lumber Company - Libby, Montana, USA

Ramsey B Crotteau born 15 April 1868 in Sherry, Wood County, Wisconsin, USA married Bertha Bartch born 1870 in Nasonville, Wisconsin, USA. He died at age 46, 27 Jun 1914 in San Diego, California, USA and returned to his home for burial.

This information was found in a book (Nuggets to Timber - Pioneer Days at Libby, Montana) published by the Libby Pioneer Society and the Libby Woman's Club in 1970.  There is a reference to the sawmill company that Ramsey Crotteau was involved in Libby, Montana. it states...

"In the spring of 1906 a number of capitalists from Merrill, Wisconsin landed in Libby with their families and began construction of a modern sawmill plant. This firm was organized as the DAWSON LUMBER COMPANY. The members of the original firm were: Dennis E Dawson, James Hurley, James E Leary, F.M. McBride and Jim McBride, Ramsey Crotteau and Lewis DeRosia.

In 1906 the Dawson Lumber Company built a modern sawmill plant bringing workers and their families to the town in greater number. Many built homes and decided to make Libby their permanent home. In 1911, J. Neils and Associates bought the Dawson Lumber Mill and it was later named the Libby Lumber Company. Familiar with the timber industry, the owners believed that reforestation was a necessary part of the industry, and they implemented an active tree-planting program through the company."

Source: Libby Montana History

Relationship: 5th Cousin four times removed

Ramsey Crotteau Grave Stone
This grave yard is located on the corner of Crotteau Road and Treasure Avenue in Libby, Montana, USA

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